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Water Management Made Easy: Trusted Sump Pumps in Troy, MI

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Residents of Troy and throughout Michigan will experience, on average, up to 38” of rainfall per year. When water levels get too high, whether due to severe storms or flooding, your home’s sump pump works to keep them out of the basement.

Your sump pump sits in a basin beneath your basement floor. When it detects rising water levels, the sump pump switches on and moves this water away from the house using what’s known as an effluent. Though there are different types of sump pumps, including pedestal, submersible, and those powered by both water and batteries, they all serve the same purpose. So if it stops working due to a clogged intake screen or switch failure, you need to call a company that is knowledgeable on your particular sump pump system. You need to call S&J Plumbing.

The team at S&J Plumbing has years of experience working with sump pumps. If you need quality repair services, turn to the best in the business: 586-758-6237.

Even though sump pumps are a vital part of combatting flooding inside your home, the reality is that not every house or commercial property has one installed – and sometimes that’s okay!

Since a sump pump is designed to push out water so it doesn’t affect your foundation, homes that don’t have a basement and instead were simply built on top of a concrete slab, usually don’t have – or need sump pumps. Furthermore, homes or commercial properties that experience little to no rain aren’t prime candidates for sump pumps either.

Rather, sump pumps are ideal if your building is located in an area that receives a lot of rainfall and flooding. So if you live near a lake, river, or ocean, you’ll want to make sure you have a sump pump that’s working correctly. On average, if kept in good shape, your sump pump should last you upward of 10 years. To learn more about these devices, including whether or not you need a sump pump for basement, give our team a call. We can be reached at 586-758-6237.

Safeguarding Against Flooding: Premier Sump Pump Installation in Troy, MI

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If you decide that you need basement sump pump installation in Troy, MI you can expect the process to take about seven hours. However, keep in mind that this time frame could vary depending on the thickness of your basement floor.

There are many steps involved in installing a sub pump. The first is to disconnect all the power to the residential or commercial property to ensure safety. Once this is done, your tech will measure the size of the basin, attach a valve to the discharge pipe, glue an adapter to the PVC pipe and cut it, drill a hole, and drop the sump pump into the pit. Once the pump is in the basin, they will connect it to the discharge pipe and then test everything to ensure it’s working correctly.

While there are some do-it-yourself guides online, the bottom line is that you should always hire a professional sump pump installation in Troy MI to handle this job for you. There are many reasons for this, however, the big one is that sump pumps need to be installed based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, so they can operate safely and correctly. The techs at S&J Plumbing have been working with these brands for years, so we know what to expect. Contact us at 586-758-6237 to set up an appointment.

Another thing you should do before your appointment is clear your basement out so the techs can work freely. Once you call and set up this appointment, start moving things out so there aren’t any delays in the installation process.

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Why Should You Hire a Professional for Sump Pump Installation?

Choosing to invest in a sump pump as a defense against flooding is a substantial move. While the installation process might seem straightforward, enlisting the aid of professionals can save you both time and effort. Experts possess the technical knowledge needed for a seamless installation, and their access to specialized tools is a definite advantage – especially for more intricate pump setups. What’s more, opting for professional installation guarantees that your sump pump will work efficiently and effectively, providing you with long-term peace of mind.
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Swift Solutions: Expert Sump Pump Repair in Troy, MI

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Installing a sump pump is best done by professionals, but so is handling any type of emergency sump pump repair.

As with any household appliance, there are many reasons why your sump pump has stopped working. Some common examples include:


  • Loss of power because of a storm of downed power line
  • Debris, including dirt, is caught in the intake screen, preventing it from running smoothly
  • Failed pump switch as a result of either becoming stuck or encountering an electrical failure
  • A broken, burned-out motor that causes the sump pump to overheat

While this is not an exhaustive list, they are some of the most common reasons why you may need to call S&J Plumbing for quality sump pump repair in Troy MI. We’ll come out, inspect the issue, and remedy it promptly. If the damage is left untreated for too long, you may need a total sump pump replacement. If that’s the case, we can handle that job for you, too. Just fill out our request form and let us know what services you need.

Prevent Basement Flooding: Contact Us for the Trusted Choice for Basement Sump Pump Installation in Troy, MI

S&J Plumbing has got you covered

You don’t have to waste hours searching for “sump pump repair near me” in Google. Instead, just call or email the team at S&J Plumbing.

We take great pride in offering quality and reliable sump pump repair in Troy, MI, as well as installation to the residents of Troy and beyond. We even offer financing options to offset the cost of this work. It’s just another way we take care of our residents!

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