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Your home’s sewer line is responsible for moving unsanitary wastewater from your premises and into a public sewer system where it can be properly disposed of. Over time, these sewer lines can get clogged with grease, soap scum, toilet paper, and other types of debris. If left untreated, however, these items can result in a sewage backup.

When they happen, sewage backups can not only set you back thousands of dollars but expose you and everyone in your home to hazardous toxins. With enough exposure, these airborne toxins can expose you to gastroenteritis, as well as other unfortunate symptoms like vomiting. Because of the severity of a sewage backup, both in terms of your health and cost, you should invest in professional sewer line cleaning from S&J Plumbing.

At S&J Plumbing, we offer affordable and reliable drain cleaning Troy MI services that can keep your sewer lines in good shape. If you’re interested in learning more, go ahead and give our sewer cleanout techs a call. We can be reached at (586) 758-6237.

As briefly mentioned above, it’s important to get your sewer lines cleaned out to avoid clogs and subsequent backups. After you make the call to the main line sewer cleaning crew, trained and certified technicians will come out and use high-pressure water to break up the clog.

As mentioned earlier, your home’s main sewer line may be clogged with everything from grease and fat to hair and soap scum. Fortunately, high-pressure water is specifically designed to break down this debris so wastewater can once again move freely.

Once the debris is broken down, your tech will then use a vacuum to remove any remaining loose particles. Overall, this vital process is pretty seamless. However, if you have questions about what to expect, don’t hesitate to call or email us. Our team is here to answer any questions you have about sewer cleaning, including cost and expected resolution.

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If you’re new to sewer cleaning Troy MI, you may be wondering how this toxic wastewater is transported from the sewer line, especially considering how it contains airborne toxins that can be harmful to your health. This is, of course, a valid question but don’t worry: the wastewater is safely stored, often with a gasket seal, so nothing can ever leak out.

In total, the process should take only about a half day’s work. So if you’re looking to hire a sewer and drain cleaning company, whether it be for your home or commercial property, you should budget for about three hours at most. Once the sewer line is cleaned, you shouldn’t need to invest in another clean for the next year and a half to two years. However, keep in mind that this depends on how often it gets clogged.

Some sewer lines are more prone to clogs, especially those that are made out of clay. Furthermore, since clay is such a porous material, any sewer lines made out of this are also more likely to be damaged by tree roots. Though this is an older material, you likely don’t know what you have until you get it professionally looked at. During your appointment, be sure to find out what kind of material your sewer lines are constructed out of.

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Benefits of Choosing Professional Sewer Cleaning Services:

Opting for professional sewer cleaning services enhances safety by ensuring that trained experts handle potentially hazardous materials and equipment. Their knowledge of safety protocols minimizes the risk of accidents or exposure to harmful substances. Moreover, professionals conduct thorough inspections to identify potential hazards, preventing issues before they escalate.

Professional sewer cleaning services deliver efficient solutions with minimal disruption. Their advanced equipment and expertise allow for quicker and more precise cleaning, reducing the time your property is affected. Furthermore, professionals employ methods that minimize mess, keeping your environment cleaner during and after the cleaning process.

When professionals handle sewer cleaning, they often identify underlying issues promptly. This early detection means that repairs can be initiated faster, preventing further damage. Additionally, their expertise ensures that repairs are carried out with precision, resulting in longer-lasting solutions that minimize the need for frequent interventions.
Professional sewer cleaning services can help you save money in the long run. Timely cleaning and maintenance prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs. Moreover, their efficient work and use of advanced techniques can often reduce the overall expense of cleaning and maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice for homeowners and businesses.
By engaging professional sewer cleaning services, you proactively address potential issues. Their expertise allows them to identify and rectify underlying problems that may not be apparent to the untrained eye. This proactive approach significantly reduces the likelihood of future sewer-related problems, saving you both time and money in the long term.
Drain Cleaning Troy, MI

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When you’re ready to invest in professional sewer drain cleaning, don’t turn to Google to type in “drain cleaning near me.” Instead, call the pros at S&J Plumbing.

Our company offers financing options that can cover up to $15,000 worth of plumbing services, including a drain cleaning service. Limits are dependent on your credit score. Just visit our financing page for a free check to see if you’re pre-qualified – no impact on your credit score!

In addition to our financing options to get you the quality help you need when you need it, we also have an A+ rating on the BBB. Clients in Troy and within the local area continually rave about our services, sharing glowing reviews that include our friendly demeanor, affordable prices, and knowledge of the industry. Don’t wait. If you need your sewer lines cleaned out, S&J Plumbing is here to help.

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When you’re on the hunt for a Troy sewer cleaning near me, you want to hire a company that realizes the importance of such services. That’s why, when you call us, we’ll get you on the schedule as soon as possible.

Without proper drain cleaning service, your sewer line could get clogged and backed up. With the possibility of this backup flooding your home or yard, the risk is simply too great to avoid hiring a sewer line cleaning company. At S&J Plumbing, we’ve got your back. Schedule an appointment today.

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