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Safeguarding Your Systems: Premier Sewer Cleaning in Birmingham, MI

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Did you know that you should invest in a sewer cleanout every 18 months to two years? The reason for this is so you clear out clogs before they get too severe. Like all the other pipes in your home or commercial property, your sewer line can get clogged by all types of debris, including but not limited to grease, soap scum, dirt, and hair.

To keep your sewer line in good shape and free from serious blockages, invest in quality main line sewer cleaning from S&J Plumbing. Our drain cleaning service in Birmingham, MI comes highly rated. To request an appointment, give our team a call at 586-758-6237.

So why safeguard your sewer system? Well, as mentioned above, proper sewer line cleaning can help prevent clogs. However, avoiding clogs isn’t the only reason why you should invest in sewer drain cleaning every two years.

With regular cleaning, you can also improve your sewer drainage, maintain an efficient plumbing system that works correctly, and have better water flow. Unlike other pipes in your home that may just contain local water, your home’s sewer system contains wastewater. This wastewater, considered to be a Category 3 type of water, contains airborne toxins that can make you and your whole family sick.

If your sewer system suffers from poor water flow or frequent clogs, then it’s more likely to result in a backup. This means that there could be dirty and foul-smelling wastewater pooling in your front yard, which can take days, if not weeks to fully clear. Because of this risk, it’s important to get your sewer lines checked for clogs and cleared out routinely. Otherwise, you will have a literal mess on your hands.

Say Goodbye to Blockages: Expert Drain Cleaning in Birmingham, MI

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Your home’s sewer lines can get blocked due to all types of debris, like hair, soap, grease, and even toilet paper, tissues, or paper towels (aka there’s a reason that commercial properties don’t want tenants flushing certain items)

However, since you can’t see your sewer lines and usually aren’t going out of your way to look at them, it becomes all the more important to be able to recognize the signs of common sewer line issues, like clogs, so you can avoid a backup.

If you notice any of these signs, go ahead and call S&J Plumbing for fast and affordable drain cleaning near me:

  • Mold around your tub, toilet, or sink
  • Puddles in your front or backyard if it didn’t recently rain
  • Slow-draining water in either your tub or toilet
  • Gurgling or rattling sounds coming from your pipes
  • Multiple clogs happening at once, such as your toilet and sink
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Brown or cloudy water in your toilet

Another common sign you’ll want to keep an eye out for is foul odors whenever you turn the water on. If you turn on the shower, for example, and it smells like a rotten egg, call S&J Plumbing to set up a sewer cleaning Birmingham MI appointment. This smell is a sign of bacteria in your pipes, which could be resulting from a clog. To set up this drain cleaning service, call 586-758-6237 or email

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Benefits of Choosing Professional Sewer Cleaning Services:

Opting for professional sewer cleaning services enhances safety by ensuring that trained experts handle potentially hazardous materials and equipment. Their knowledge of safety protocols minimizes the risk of accidents or exposure to harmful substances. Moreover, professionals conduct thorough inspections to identify potential hazards, preventing issues before they escalate.

Professional sewer cleaning services deliver efficient solutions with minimal disruption. Their advanced equipment and expertise allow for quicker and more precise cleaning, reducing the time your property is affected. Furthermore, professionals employ methods that minimize mess, keeping your environment cleaner during and after the cleaning process.

When professionals handle sewer cleaning, they often identify underlying issues promptly. This early detection means that repairs can be initiated faster, preventing further damage. Additionally, their expertise ensures that repairs are carried out with precision, resulting in longer-lasting solutions that minimize the need for frequent interventions.
Professional sewer cleaning services can help you save money in the long run. Timely cleaning and maintenance prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs. Moreover, their efficient work and use of advanced techniques can often reduce the overall expense of cleaning and maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice for homeowners and businesses.
By engaging professional sewer cleaning services, you proactively address potential issues. Their expertise allows them to identify and rectify underlying problems that may not be apparent to the untrained eye. This proactive approach significantly reduces the likelihood of future sewer-related problems, saving you both time and money in the long term.
Sewer Cleaning Birmingham, MI

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S&J Plumbing is all you need

S&J Plumbing is proud to be a part of the greater Birmingham community. Our sewer draining cleaning company not only is BBB accredited, but we have earned an A+ rating among our consumers.

We make it easy to schedule all kinds of plumbing repairs right on our website. Just fill out our submission form and let us know what services you need. While you’re scheduling an appointment for sewer cleaning, go ahead and get your other plumbing pipes inspected to ensure they are working properly.

We aim to provide you with easy solutions to all your sewer cleaning needs. Want an even closer look behind the curtain? Go ahead and check out our gallery for behind-the-scenes photos of our sewage services. For a quality sewer and drain clean, don’t spend hours on Google typing “Birmingham sewer cleaning near me.” Instead, call S&J Plumbing at 586-758-6237.

Solutions at Your Fingertips: Reach Out for Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Birmingham, MI!

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If you experienced a sewer backup in the past, it’s the last thing you want to encounter in the future. However, if your budget doesn’t call for drain cleaning Birmingham MI services right now, that doesn’t mean you still can’t invest in them.

At S&J Plumbing, we’re proud to offer financing options. This soft credit check won’t impact your overall credit score, and if approved, you could be covered for services up to $15,000. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more and set up an appointment.

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Sewer Cleaning Birmingham MI
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